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About Us

Miros is a technology company that specializes in measuring real-time ocean insights. We enhance data-driven situational awareness for ocean surface and environmental monitoring operators providing improved safety and efficiency, made available through advanced sensor technology, applied intelligence, data analytics and expert support.
Miros pioneered and continuously refines the future of ocean insight measurements.
We are a trusted provider of environmental monitoring dry sensors and systems for the global offshore and maritime industry, providing accurate, real-time measurements for weather-sensitive operations offshore, insight into asset integrity systems, coastal monitoring and oil spill detection.

We are a technology company at heart, driven by innovation and a strong will to succeed together with our customers.

How we can support you

Miros develops innovative, disruptive technology for measuring the ocean surface.

Our sensors and systems deliver data used by many socio-economic sectors – from government institutions to the general public – as well as the private sector. Whether supporting the growth of the burgeoning offshore wind industry or aiding the decarbonization of global shipping fleets, we work to drive safety, efficiency and performance in a range of maritime markets.

In addition, our sea level and coastal erosion data gathered around the world is vital to the development of risk reduction strategies and early warning systems, strengthening resilience against climate-related challenges.

With a history spanning almost four decades and more than 250 oil spill detection systems deployed globally, Miros is part of a broad initiative for combatting marine pollution.

Our sensors are used in research projects worldwide and have been endorsed by some of the world’s most respected scientific agencies. 

Sustainability Focus

Miros’ commitment to environmental sustainability aligns with wider industry goals to reduce the carbon footprint in the maritime industry. By providing vessel operators with data on fuel consumption and efficiency, Miros enables the identification of areas for improvement and supports companies to implement eco-friendly practices. The provision of sharable data contributes to the reduction of parallel measurement campaigns and avoids extra instrumentation and engineer travel. This helps operators meet regulatory requirements of the industry and global decarbonization objectives.

Meet the
Management Team

Our Company

Miros is owned by Aircontact Group AS, a Norwegian privately-owned holding company with a wide portfolio including travel, aviation, offshore energy, maritime and biotechnology. 

The group and its affiliates has approximately 500 employees, an annual turnover of USD 650 million and 34 offices across Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. We have been sharing our insights and technologies across the global energy and maritime industries for four decades, growing with the sector to provide future-focused solutions for wave measurement.

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