Miros provides reliable, real-time wave and surface current data, undisturbed by the motion and propulsion of the vessel, and presents true speed through water (STW) for better fuel optimisation, as well as input to ship performance monitoring, cargo safety and passenger comfort.

For more than 35 years, Miros has provided accurate, reliable ocean-monitoring systems to the maritime industry. Our expertise lies in measuring local environmental conditions and making the data accessible in real time, on- or offshore.

Speed Through Water

True speed through water (STW), thanks to Miros Wavex, without issues related to noisy data associated with traditional speed logs.

Surface Currents

Accurate, reliable data undisturbed by vessel motion and propellers.

Costs Savings

Boost efficiency whilst eliminating the costs associated with submerged instrumentation.

Miros Wavex Virtual Sensor

Wavex is a dry sensor that leverages marine X-band navigation radar technology for surface current measurement. The sensor delivers highly accurate real-time data undisturbed by air bubbles, turbulence or other interferences caused by vessel motion. 

Wavex does away with the time- and cost-related challenges of installing and maintaining underwater equipment and can be integrated into existing radar units without any need for calibration.

Miros Speed Through Water by Wavex

Accurate measurements of the speed through water of moving vessels is useful for a variety of applications including vessel fuel optimisation, hull performance, and docking and navigation in constrained areas. When considering fuel consumption per day, accurate speed measurements are essential for avoiding sub-optimal speeds and large additional costs. This results from the fact that just a small variation in speed can greatly impact fuel efficiency.

“We estimate up to 10% fuel savings using Miros Speed Through Water, which is a lot!”

Christian Bonfils, Managing Director, BW Dry Cargo
An illustration showing how Miros Wavex collects wave data to calculate a vessel's speed through water

“Accurate speed through water data can help reduce daily fuel consumption by tens of tons for a single ship.”

Rune Gangeskar, Senior Sensor Development Manager at Miros.

Traditional methods of measuring speed through water – speed logs – are associated with a variety of challenges stemming from the fact that they are immersed in water. With Miros Speed Through Water, such complications can be avoided, since no underwater equipment is required. Additionally, cleaner and more accurate data can be collected. This is all thanks to recent innovations and developments to the Miros Wavex system. As a result, the cost-saving potential of the new Miros Speed Through Water functionality is significant.

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