Helideck Monitoring System

The Miros Helideck Monitoring System provides helicopter crews with real-time measurements of local environmental conditions. Miros HMS supports decision-making processes, ensuring that flight plans are based on verifiable information. Data is delivered to all relevant stakeholders, enabling last-minute updates to flight crews via radio when landing and take-off operations are imminent.

For more than 35 years, Miros has provided accurate, reliable weather and sea-state monitoring systems to the maritime industry. Our expertise lies in measuring local environmental conditions and making the data accessible in real time for all relevant stakeholders. The Miros Helideck Monitoring System is configured for fixed installations according to the requirements of either CAP-437 (UK-CAA)


Decision-making support for accident reduction and enhanced operational safety.


Widening weather windows with real-time data insights.


Data can be aggregated from any number of helidecks equipped with the Miros Helideck Monitoring System.

The Benefits of the Miros Helideck Monitoring System

The Miros Helideck Monitoring System is an integrated information system giving helicopter crews direct access to real-time and historical data from an unlimited number of helidecks equipped with Miros HMS.

Miros HMS is a compact, cost-efficient and complete helideck monitoring system with high reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Miros HMS consists of sensors and software for the monitoring and display of local environmental conditions. These insights include: wind, pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as helideck motion parameters. Sensors for the measurement of cloud height and visibility are optional.

Miros HMS is suitable for any fixed installation requiring a helideck monitoring system.

Miros Helideck Monitoring Systems Sold Worldwide

Additional Information

The Miros Helideck Monitoring System is specially designed to service the needs of helidecks on fixed structures. Cloud, visibility and weather sensors can also be added to obtain full automatic weather observations (AWOS) capability. 

Real-time and historical data gathered by Miros HMS can be shared with the likes of management offices onshore, flight crews on heliports, aeronautical weather forecast offices and more. 

Miros HMS complies fully with the newest specifications from Helicopter Operators in the North Sea. This specification has been recognised as a normative standard both by Norwegian and UK Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA).


Miros Helideck Monitoring System can be installed as a stand-alone system, without the need for third-party instrumentation.

Integrated with Third-Party Systems

Miros HMS can integrate a range of existing instrumentation in order to provide the necessary data insights. 

Optional METAR Reporting

Automatic and semi-automatic METAR reporting can be added where required.

Miros Group has been a trusted provider of environmental monitoring systems to some of the world’s largest ship owners, operators and oil companies for more than 35 years. Miros is a technology company at heart, driven by innovation and a strong will to succeed together with its customers.  

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