Oil Spill Detection

Every offshore installation has to prepare itself for the most unlikely event of an oil spill. The Miros OSD detects oil spill rapidly and securely. By early warnings and early detection as well as the possibility to conduct recovery operations at night, the system reduces both environmental impact and the cost of response operations.

Our OSD system has been thoroughly tested in oil-in-water exercises since 2004 and it has successfully guided spill response operations in real oil spill incidents. Two thirds of the European Maritime Safety Agency’s oil spill response vessels and 16 NOFO oil response vessels are fitted with Miros OSD Recovery systems. Today, more than 160 OSD systems of different configurations have been sold to coastal agencies, oil companies and ship owners around the world.

Offshore operators and authorities are using Miros OSD for oil spill surveillance from offshore installations, ports and coastal stations. Recently, use of infrared cameras has been introduced in Miros OSD, both to enhance the detection capability and to add valuable information to the surveillance or spill response operation.

Employing an OSD system as an integral part of an oil spill contingency plan provides users with valuable benefits of early detection. It enables early mobilisation, avoiding oil being spread over vast areas, the oil spill is easier to combat. The support from automatic oil spill detection during response operations will increase recovery efficiency and also allow response vessels to operate at night. The use of an OSD system significantly reduces both the environmental impact and cost of response operations.

The Miros OSD system is used on offshore installations, vessels or shore based stations, either as standalone systems or as a part of a sensor network. Data from Miros OSD is a vital contribution to 3rd party response management systems. While satellite and airborne systems periodically cover a larger area, the Miros OSD System provides continuous local surveillance. Recovery operations can be continued, even in darkness and when no aerial data are available. 

The Miros OSD-R (Recovery) System is an essential tool for oil spill detection during mechanical oil recovery or chemical dispersant operation. It will function as an aid for navigation of the vessel towards the oil slick and for correct positioning of the booms and skimmers. Tracking of the oil slick over time and logging of data from the operation supports the post-incident analysis. With Miros OSD, the operation can continue under poor visibility conditions and even at night.

The system is modular and configured according to the needs of the user. The basic system makes use of the ship’s existing X-band radar.


  • Wave monitoring algorithms
  • Dedicated radar with horizontal or vertical polarization
  • Supporting IR camera sensor

The Miros OSD-S (Surveillance) System provides continuous oil spill monitoring of high risk areas. The system gives automatic oil spill detection and alarms generation. Each slick is characterised by area and drift. Given the early alarm, more time is given to verify and characterize the oil spill and decide on the appropriate response.

System design is flexible, and components are chosen according to site topography and user requirements:

  • Number of radar installations
  • Number of IR camera installations
  • Control room work stations
  • Integration of information into a common operating picture

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