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About Miros

Miros is a technology company that specialises in measuring the ocean surface. The company provides sensors and systems for environmental monitoring to the global offshore and maritime industry. Our portfolio of sensors provides accurate, real-time data for weather-sensitive operations offshore, as well as offering input to asset integrity systems and coastal monitoring. The primary applications of Miros sensors include wave and current monitoring and oil spill detection. 

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Miros has spent more than 35 years measuring the ocean surface. We are a trusted provider of wave and current data to the maritime industry. Our radar-based solutions deliver real-time insights about local sea state and marine conditions, without the need for any equipment submerged in water. By monitoring the sea surface and making data available to all relevant stakeholders, Miros enhances the safety, performance and efficiency of offshore operations worldwide.

Miros in Numbers


For more than 35 years, we have provided accurate, reliable ocean insights and weather monitoring systems to the global offshore and maritime markets.


Using Miros sensors can help customers increase operability by up to 15%


Miros has commissioned more than 200 oil spill detection systems to customers worldwide.


Miros has a presence in 28 countries around the globe. Experienced personnel support and service our installations both on long-term service contracts, as well as with ad-hoc support.

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