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Oil Spill Detection

Early and reliable detection of an oil spill is vital. With more than 250 oil spill detection (OSD™) systems delivered to oil companies, ship owners and coastal agencies globally, Miros has established itself as a trusted provider of real-time systems for oil spill detection, also supporting response and surveillance operations.

Miros Oil Spill Detection

Proven efficacy and low false alarm rate

Miros OSD has been thoroughly tested in oil-in-water exercises since 2004 and has successfully guided spill response operations in genuine oil spill incidents.
While early detection capability is vital, a low false alarm rate is also paramount. False alarms that initiate manual activities can be extremely costly. Nevertheless, dialing down the sensitivity of a system in order to avoid false alarms shall never be an option as this could lead to the delayed detection of spills.

Why Oil Spill Detection?

No need for manual intervention. The OSD can easily be switched to manual mode while guiding recovery operations.

Allows for more time to verify and characterize the spill and decide on the appropriate response.

Unique ability to interpret multiple indicators simultaneously
Only triggering alarms when the “right” combination of indicators is identified.

High sensitivity & low false alarm rate. The Miros OSD system has a unique ability to interpret multiple indicators simultaneously, only triggering alarms when the “right” combination is identified.

IR and optical cameras aid operators in the verification and characterization of oil spill detections also low visibility or darkness.

Gives users the confidence that they are applying the best available technology to detect and control oil spills.

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Who can benefit?

Port and coastal agencies, oil companies, ship owners and oil spill response organizations around the world use Miros OSD on offshore installations, vessels and shore-based stations.
Anybody who requires reliable round-the-clock oil spill surveillance, support for fast and efficient recovery of oil spills, and efficient deployment of boom and skimmers.
Two-thirds of the European Maritime Safety Agency’s oil spill response vessels and half the fleet of oil response vessels of the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) are fitted with Miros OSD surveillance systems.

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