Eliminating the waiting game in marine operations

October 4 2018

Marine operations are particularly sensitive to environmental and weather conditions. Undertaking real-time measurements and analysis, and forming appropriate risk assessments based on wind and weather data can help to eliminate or mitigate the potential challenges of project delays, cost overruns, property damages and safety – as well as take some of the guesswork out of the “waiting game”.

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How to use cloud-integrated wave radars to mitigate risk while creating operational and cost efficiencies?

September 28 2018

Earlier this week, Miros launched a brand new offering which makes dry measurements of sea state available through the cloud as a service. For our customers, this means flexible access to real-time data without having to cover the investment in data collection and transfer equipment. Our line of IoT based dry sensors, with no equipment […]

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Misconceptions about real-time ocean surface measurements and how the reality saves a bundle

September 25 2018

There are a lot of questions – and misconceptions – about vessel performance reporting in the shipping and maritime industries. The manually produced “noon report” – a daily data sheet prepared by a vessel’s captain – provides the vessel’s position and other relevant standardized data to assess the performance of the ship based on its […]

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On the radar: Sharing real-time sea-state insights for maritime industries

September 24 2018

As businesses across industries look for more ways to increase efficiency and safety while reducing costs, technology to simplify data collection is a top priority. Within the wide scope of maritime industries, from offshore oil and gas to coastal monitoring, from offshore wind farms to merchant shipping, all can benefit from adopting real-time monitoring systems […]

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Equinor Gaslog van Oord Alseas E-on Aker BP Hamburg UASC Siemens Siem Dohle Island Offshore
Equinor Gaslog van Oord Alseas E-on Aker BP Hamburg UASC Siemens Siem Dohle Island Offshore

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