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Miros Partner Network

Miros Partner is a worldwide network of companies that Miros collaborates with for the distribution, installation and service of Miros products.

What can a Miros Partner do for you?

A Miros Partner can support you with professional information and answers to questions about real-time ocean condition measurement, both for new projects and when upgrading ongoing offshore projects.

The companies are expert companies in the field of marine and offshore installations and possess the necessary professional expertise to carry out radar sensor work.

You can receive an inspection with advice and tips regarding solutions, as well as price offers or cost estimates. A Miros Partner can be responsible for the sale and delivery of goods and services but also only for installation if the goods have been purchased via another vendor.

A Miros Partner can also be contacted if you have requests regarding wave and current measurement, oil spill detection systems, replacements, support or sensor/system service.

As there is some variation in what the individual company offers, we recommend that you contact your preferred Miros Partner directly.


Quality assured by Miros

The companies are quality assured by Miros, professionally skilled and therefore companies we can recommend. 

To ensure a high standard, Miros sets the following requirements for a Miros Partner:

The company must have the right competence with radar-based sensors offshore

The company must undergo courses/training organized by Miros covering general knowledge of radar-based sensor measurement and why a customer would purchase it, applicable laws and regulations, product knowledge, installation and maintenance and fault finding.

The company has qualified in the Miros’ compliance program to prevent corruption, money laundering and modern slavery and its finances are OK.

Miros Partner companies regularly receive training to stay up to date with developments in technology and the market.

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