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Miros, a pioneer in radar technology for ocean surface measurements since 1984, leads the global offshore and maritime industry.

Our advanced sensor technology applied analytics, and expert support provide real-time situational awareness for offshore operations and environmental monitoring through purpose-built IoT sensors and systems.

With a legacy of over four decades, Miros remains at the forefront of ocean measurement insights, shaping the industry’s future with a commitment to innovation and excellence.

Experience industry-leading solutions that prioritize customer value, revolutionizing the world’s understanding and interaction with the ocean.

Miros offers decision support through advanced analytics and machine learning.
Analyzing data collected from various sensors and sources, we provide actionable ocean insights and predictive models on wave and vessel motions. This information allows operators to optimize operations, identify inefficiencies and minimize downtime.

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Miros’ radar technology facilitates remote monitoring and diagnostics of offshore wind assets. Through real-time data transmission and advanced analytics, operators can remotely assess the performance and health of equipment, identify potential faults or inefficiencies, and take proactive measures. This reduces the need for physical inspections, minimizes operational disruptions, and optimizes resource allocation.

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Improve the understanding of oil spill dynamics in combination with local environmental conditions.
Miros’ advanced measurements and analytics provide valuable insights for data-driven operations enabling automatic detection of oil spills, as well as accurate monitoring of oil slicks, including size, trajectory, and thickness.

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Real-time measurements on waves, currents, air gap and other environmental parameters empower port and coastal operators to make informed decisions, enabling sustainable and efficient management of their facilities. Read more

Miros provides the most accurate, high-frequency sea state and speed-through-water (STW) measurements so that you can operate your vessel safely and with the highest possible performance. Whether it is to avoid dangerous wave conditions, minimize fuel consumption, or find optimal routes.

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