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Accurate wave, current and speed-through-water measurements for enhanced performance and safety

Miros provides the most accurate, high-frequency sea state and speed-through-water (STW) measurements so that you can operate your vessel safely and with the highest possible performance. Whether it is to avoid dangerous wave conditions, minimize fuel consumption, or find optimal routes.
Miros together with Miros Mocean focuses on understanding the effects of the weather on vessel performance so that vessel operators can make the right decisions in real-time.

Optimize operations for
increased environmental sustainability

Understanding the external forces of weather and ocean is imperative for increased environmental sustainability. Directional waves and highly accurate speed-through-water measurements at the ship’s location and during operation can take vessel performance calculations to the next level.
Leverage advanced radar-based sensor technology and data analytics to streamline operations, increase productivity and reduce operational costs.
Miros helps the shipping and special vessels industry to identify wave-induced motions and to action on accurate and reliable data to optimize vessel operations with the aim of reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Benefits for
shipping operations

We can support shipping operators to accurately measure wave heights, currents, and weather conditions in real-time. This helps to instantly mitigate risk for crew and vessels, reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.
Our decision support systems are easily integrated and compatible with existing vessel software, and our specialists are available 24/7 to provide experienced support.
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A trusted partner
for the offshore industry

We estimate up to 10% fuel savings using Miros Speed Through Water, which is a lot.
Christian Bonfils
Managing Director, BW Dry Cargo

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