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Miros RangeFinder is the ultimate sensor providing accurate real-time measurements of airgap, tide, water level, draught, and waves.

Ideal for sea condition monitoring from offshore installations and platforms, vessels, floating assets, ports, bridges, or coastal facilities exposed to challenging sea conditions.

The sensor comes with embedded motion compensation for vessels and floating structures and is also available as an Ex-version with Atex IEC Ex certification for use in Zone 1.

Miros RangeFinder

Market-leading verified data accuracy

RangeFinder offers market-leading, alpha factor-verified data accuracy.
The real-time measurements can be accessed directly from the instrument, integrated with 3rd party systems or Miros Cloud service.
Real-time and historical data can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device allowing for easy and secure collaboration between different stakeholders.

Why RangeFinder?

No calibration is needed. Ensures high accuracy and full data availability as well as integrity from day one. Independent third party equipment. 

Only DNV-certified product on the market for alpha-factor-related wave monitoring. Can be delivered with motion compensation for use on
vessels and floating structures.

Proven ruggedness and reliability through decades of service in extreme weather conditions all over the world. Can be delivered with Atex IEC Ex certification (Ex db eb ib T6) for use in Zone 1.

Real-time and historical data can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device via the integrated Miros Cloud service, allowing for easy and secure collaboration between different stakeholders.

Reliable and precise measurements allow for increased productivity in weather-critical maritime operations. Ideal for incident analysis and environment specifications as well as long-term asset integrity assessments.

Data Analysts: Data Explorer is a great tool for data analysts who want to dive deep into their data and discover meaningful insights. With Data Explorer’s powerful querying and visualization features, you can quickly identify patterns and trends in your data that might otherwise be difficult to spot.
Operations teams: Can use Data Explorer to gain a better understanding of their operations and make data-driven decisions.
Site managers: With the ability to analyse data from multiple sources, Data Explorer can help site managers to identify opportunities for optimising their processes and reach their operational targets.

Who can benefit?

Port and coastal operators:
By measuring waves, currents, airgap and weather conditions, RangeFinder helps to ensure the safety of port operations, vessel traffic, and personnel.
Accurate and reliable data on waves, currents, and other environmental parameters allows operators to optimize berthing, navigation, and cargo handling processes, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced delays, and increased throughput.
Offshore installations and platforms operators:
RangeFinder measurements help to optimize and safeguard operations around offshore assets for sustainable, safe and efficient management of these facilities.
Vessel owners and vessel operators:
RangeFinder facilitates real-time decision-making to leverage wider operational weather windows empowered by in-operation situational monitoring.

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