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What makes Miros' sensors and systems unique?


Miros’ unique sensors and systems stand out with dry-mounted technology, ensuring real-time and highly accurate measurements in all weather conditions from floating or fixed assets.

Unaffected by fog, rain, or water spray, they enhance data-driven situational awareness for ocean surface and environmental monitoring operators, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Our innovative IoT and cloud-integrated sensor technology provides accurate real-time measurements and predicted ocean surface information as a service, offering easy and secure access from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Say goodbye to costly maintenance associated with submerged equipment, as Miros redefines the future of ocean monitoring.

Cloud Applications

Sensors & Systems

Having reliable access to accurate ocean insights is crucial for efficient operations in the offshore and maritime industries. Miros Cloud simplifies data collection and remote access and is available as a subscription alongside all our core sensors. Read more

The Miros WaveSystem is specifically designed to increase the safety, performance, and efficiency of weather-critical maritime operations through the availability of accurate, local, wave and current data.

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WaveFusion®, our newest sensor, combines downward-looking with measurements taken further away from the turbine for real-time ocean condition end-to-end visibility.
WaveFusion has been developed with the needs of the offshore wind industry in mind providing all directional and non-directional wave and current estimates.

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Wavex® is a virtual sensor that leverages X-band navigation radar technology for wave, surface current and speed through water measurements. The sensor eliminates the time and cost issues associated with installing and maintaining underwater equipment and can interface with an existing marine X-band radar without calibration. Wavex is ideal for vessels at any ship speed, has been thoroughly tested and proven for decades and is DNV-certified. Read more
Miros RangeFinder is the ultimate sensor providing accurate real-time measurement of airgap, tide, water level, draught, and waves. Ideal for port, bridge, coastal, or platform monitoring when exposed to challenging sea conditions.
Comes with embedded motion compensation for vessels and floating structures.
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The well-proven Wave & Current radar is the first wave buoy-replacing, dry-mounted sensor providing accurate and maintenance-free sea state measurements empowering the oil and gas industry as well as the ports & coastal community to make decisions based on real-time ocean surface information. The sensor is a reliable tool for the robust measurement of directional wave estimates including spectra and surface currents. Read more

Early and reliable detection of an oil spill is vital. With more than 250 oil spill detection (OSD™) systems delivered to oil companies, ship owners and coastal agencies globally, Miros has established itself as a trusted provider of real-time systems for oil spill detection, also supporting response and surveillance operations.

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In addition to accurate sea state, Miros WaveWeather delivers high-quality, real-time measurements of local environmental conditions important for successful planning, decision-making, and execution of on-and offshore activities.

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Miros Mocean provides real-time decision support for the elimination of fuel wastage, live calculation of in-service vessel efficiency, and documentation of true weather conditions to remove uncertainty from claims.

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The Miros Data Connector provides flexible data feed connection solutions for all ocean-related industries. This can include operations teams, data science and met ocean teams, weather forecast providers and other external parties via Miros Cloud.

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Miros Data Explorer is an analytics service for data streaming from IoT devices. It is the ideal tool for extracting actionable ocean and performance insights and the solution for all offshore operations and organizations looking to harness the power of self-service analytics.

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