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Wave & Current Radar

The well-proven Wave & Current radar is the first wave buoy-replacing, dry-mounted sensor providing accurate and maintenance-free sea state measurements empowering the oil and gas industry as well as the ports & coastal community to make decisions based on real-time ocean surface information.

The sensor is a reliable tool for the robust measurement of directional wave estimates including spectra and surface currents.

Developed for sea state monitoring

The Wave & Current Radar (SM-050) is especially developed for sea state monitoring which makes it superior to x-band-based wave monitoring systems.

It is the only sensor in the world utilizing a dual footprint pulse Doppler method for wave measurements and a microwave dual frequency method.

Wave & Current Rader provides you with noticeable budget savings compared to a wave buoy. As a dry-mounted sensor, it doesn’t require regular maintenance on location and therewith associated costs of a buoy. Instead, you can expect a continuous stream of quality data, easily accessible and available anytime and anywhere.

As a plug-and-play technology, it requires only power and an internet connection to give secure access to immediate, real-time data about the ocean state.

Why Wave & Current Radar?

It is the only sensor in the world utilizing a dual footprint pulse Doppler method for wave measurements and a microwave dual frequency method.

The web-based user interface allows for easy data access, locally and remotely. The sensor has embedded data processing and web

As no parts are submerged in water and the sensor is not impacted by fog, rain or mist, the level of maintenance is an absolute minimum. The sensor calibrates automatically, it only needs power and an internet connection to start delivering real-time sea state data.

The sensor measures accurately whether mounted on fixed or floating installations.

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Who can benefit?

Port and coastal operators:
The robust and reliable Wave & Current Radar delivers accurate real-time measurements of directional wave spectra and surface currents to ensure the safety of port operations, vessel traffic, and personnel. It’s a great tool for weather-critical maritime operations.
Offshore installations and platforms operators:
Wave & Current Radar has proven its ruggedness and reliability over many decades of service in extreme weather conditions, including heavy precipitation, all over the world. Its measurements help to optimize and safeguard operations and logistics around offshore assets for sustainability.

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