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Automatically detect and rapidly respond to mitigate oil spills

Improve the understanding of oil spill dynamics in combination with local environmental conditions.
Miros’ advanced measurements and analytics provide valuable insights for data-driven operations enabling automatic detection of oil spills, as well as accurate monitoring of oil slicks, including size, trajectory, and thickness.
Users benefit from early detection and mobilization capabilities, reducing the chance of oil being spread over vast areas and making spills easier to combat.
Enhanced situational awareness enables effective decision-making for containment and mitigation strategies, reducing environmental impacts and costs.
Employing an oil spill detection system is an integral part of any oil spill contingency plan, significantly reducing the potential for both environmental impact and the cost of response operations.

Reduce environmental
impact and strengthen maritime operations

Miros pioneered and is continuously defining the future for accurate ocean surface data made available in real-time to the oil and gas industry which contributes to wider operational windows, increased performance, and enhanced safety even in the harshest conditions.
Our robust and maintenance-free measurement solutions enable oil and gas operators to make data-driven decisions empowered by actionable ocean surface and oil spill information.
The world’s oil and gas companies have trusted Miros’ real-time sea surface oil spill monitoring solutions for the last four decades. Miros has pioneered the field of radar-based ocean surface measurement and continues to shape its future.

Most popular products among our customers: 

Oil Spill Detection, Wave & Current Radar

Many customers also use:

RangeFinder, Wavex, Miros Cloud, Data Connector, Data Explorer 

A trusted partner
for the offshore industry

The Miros Oil Spill Detection System has been tested under real conditions in oil-on-water exercises and has proven itself to be reliable, easy to handle, and useful operations tool.
Kåre L Jørgensen
Senior Advisor, NOFO

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