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WaveFusion®, our newest sensor, combines downward-looking with measurements taken further away from the turbine for real-time ocean condition end-to-end visibility.
WaveFusion has been developed with the needs of the offshore wind industry in mind providing all directional and non-directional wave estimates.
Miros WaveFusion

Key advantages

WaveFusion, Miros’ newest sensor, combines downward-looking with directional measurements taken approximately 200 m away, from the turbine to measure all waves between 1 to 30+ seconds.
The key advantages result from real-time directional wave measurement in all water depths which enhances the directional wave radar with the water level. This allows offshore operators to safely access wider weather windows which contribute to operational costs reduction. On top of that, the light and compact sensor eases installation. Upgrades and configurations are done remotely.

Why WaveFusion?

Businesses can ensure wider coverage of sea state insights in all-weather critical maritime operations including shallow waters. WaveFusion accurately collects data in real-time next to the structure, together with the dual-footprint pulse Doppler to measure the structure at distance. This results in a better understanding of the sea state without the impact of the structure shadow.

Combining the footprints enables new levels of data performance, reliability and redundancy with coverage of the sea state enabling insights for critical operations 24/7.

WaveFusion is offered under the “as-a-service” model, meaning hardware is under warranty for as long as you subscribe to the Miros Cloud services. This gives assurance to our clients, with maintenance and upgrades included.

Remotely monitor data from one single portal with the complimentary Miros Cloud subscription as well as upgrades to the latest software, ensuring infrastructure technology is always up to date.

All data processing is completed within the sensor, removing the need to install other servers for data processing. This reduces infrastructure costs, the number of resources needed for installation and e-waste.
The Miros Cloud also leads to a reduction of unnecessary offshore trips for data access as access can be achieved anywhere.

A simplified and ergonomic design enables quick installation and fast deployments. The WaveFusion comes with an easy-to-install bracket mount so it can be attached to a handrail or wall.

Data Analysts: Data Explorer is a great tool for data analysts who want to dive deep into their data and discover meaningful insights. With Data Explorer’s powerful querying and visualization features, you can quickly identify patterns and trends in your data that might otherwise be difficult to spot.
Operations teams: Can use Data Explorer to gain a better understanding of their operations and make data-driven decisions.
Site managers: With the ability to analyse data from multiple sources, Data Explorer can help site managers to identify opportunities for optimising their processes and reach their operational targets.

Who can benefit?

Offshore wind operators and developers:
Can use WaveFusion to gain a better understanding of real-time wave measurements and their impact on operations to make data-driven decisions.
Site managers:
WaveFusion can help site managers to identify opportunities for optimizing their processes and reach their operational targets, reducing the time spent waiting on weather.
O&M Teams:
For better planning of operations and maintenance activities and to ensure safer and more efficient operations.
Structural Health Monitoring Teams:
Real-time directional wave data for structural response analysis. Detailed insights into wave direction, intensity, frequency, and directional wave measurements enable engineers to anticipate dynamic load variations, leading to more robust and efficient design and maintenance strategies for offshore wind installations.

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