Miros Cloud

Miros sensors are Cloud-integrated. This functionality is based on Microsoft technologies, allowing for easy and secure access to real-time sea state data. Miros Cloud delivers reliable data to all stakeholders, on- or offshore, and on any device.

Miros Cloud is a service offering which is currently available alongside several of our core sensors. These include the Wave & Current Radar, as well as our non-directional wave monitoring and water level radars, RangeFinder and WaveFinder.

Miros Cloud provides reliable, real-time data to all stakeholders, on- or offshore, and on any device. 

How Does It Work?

Miros Cloud simplifies data collection and remote access to collected data. It also enables various other services such as:

Real-time dashboards

Data streaming and download capabilities

Option to integrate other types of data such as weather forecasts, tide charts, AIS, etc.

Miros Cloud Introduces the Following Benefits:

  • Accurate, reliable data accessible from anywhere via the internet
  • Cloud-integration allows for enhanced scalability and user access on- or off-shore
  • Ocean state data can be hosted centrally, in the cloud
  • Data streaming & download capabilities
  • Low maintenance costs. Cost-effective, remote upgrades and online diagnostics
  • Low upfront costs due to the as-a-service pricing
  • Quick setup and deployment, the cloud offering is truly plug and play

Frequently Asked Questions

By making dry measurements of sea state available through the cloud as a service we aim to give customers access to real-time data while having a choice of whether or not to invest in the necessary equipment for data collection and transfer.

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