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Miros Cloud Home

Having reliable access to accurate ocean insights is crucial for efficient operations in the offshore and maritime industries. Miros Cloud Home simplifies data collection and remote access and is available as a subscription alongside all our core sensors.

Miros Cloud

Advantages of Miros Cloud Home

Flexibility and agility

Access data from anywhere on any device with an internet connection while staying up-to-date with the forefront software technological advancements. Read more about the integration of weather forecast layers into Miros Cloud Home.


Cost reduction through lower upfront capital expenditures. Reduced maintenance costs, and affordable pricing models without investing in local infrastructure.

Collaboration and productivity

Cloud solutions are best for enabling remote work, real-time collaboration, and integration with third-party data sources on- and offshore.

Why Miros Cloud Home?

Access data from anywhere on any device. Store and access any amount of data from sensors without extra integrators or physical servers at the location.

Protect the data with the latest security technology from Microsoft Azure. 

Track and manage maintenance plans with real-time weather information and remote access to operational data.

Plan offshore activities within safe weather limits thanks to reliable real-time data. In case of accidents or unexpected events, live data sharing is critical for rapid response and mitigation.

Miros Cloud integrates with common weather forecasting models to provide forecasting combined with real-time up-to-date information for better planning of offshore activities.

Take measured weather information into account when managing port operations and streamline unloading and loading processes.

Access to wave and weather data with suitable resolution and quality shared across the involved disciplines is a core element for continuous asset integrity monitoring.

Transfer data in real-time or on a schedule to third-party cloud or server environments.

Data Analysts: Data Explorer is a great tool for data analysts who want to dive deep into their data and discover meaningful insights. With Data Explorer’s powerful querying and visualization features, you can quickly identify patterns and trends in your data that might otherwise be difficult to spot.
Operations teams: Can use Data Explorer to gain a better understanding of their operations and make data-driven decisions.
Site managers: With the ability to analyse data from multiple sources, Data Explorer can help site managers to identify opportunities for optimising their processes and reach their operational targets.

Who can benefit?

Operations teams
With quick and reliable data being gathered through the Miros Cloud, operational decisions are enabled that are data-led, whilst also allowing a more in-depth understanding of the status of projects.
Site managers
Miros’ cloud-based technologies allow site managers to access real-time data generated from different sources to optimize processes and improve the ability to meet project targets for all sorts of offshore activities on vessels, platforms, wind farms, ports, and along coastlines.
Data analysts
Miros’ cloud technologies allow analysts to harvest data in real-time, from any device, improving efficiencies compared with historic systems.
Weather forecast providers
With real-time data delivered more efficiently and accurately through the cloud, forecast providers can more effectively support activities in offshore and onshore environments.

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