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Miros Cloud
Frequently Asked Questions

By choosing Miros Cloud, it means instead of spending money and resources on purchasing the hardware and managing the data transfer, integration, and storage to local servers, the responsibility is taken by Miros making it easy, scalable and cost-effective for the customers.

Miros Cloud gives customers easy and secure access to the data anywhere (also off-site) through a web browser (to see data in real-time and to download historical data). It also enables Miros to better support the customer with product updates and maintenance.

Yes, data can be accessed remotely via the internet. This allows you to monitor and manage your data from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.

Miros Cloud simplifies data collection and remote access to data and enables various other services:

• Real-time dashboards.
• Historical data download capability.
• Integration and visualization with weather forecasting services.
• Third-party data push in real-time or on a schedule.
• Access to other Miros applications such as Data Explorer, Offshore Wind map, etc.
• Access to the latest product updates.
• Remote updates and support.

Yes, the data is delivered in real time and displayed on a selection of UIs.

Yes. Our cloud provider (Microsoft Azure) and Miros invest heavily in security measures. All data is secure both during transfer and storage.

Only authorized users can access the data.
Nobody else has access to your data without granting permission.

Data is replicated across several data centers with zero risk of data loss.

Is designed to be user-friendly, You can get online in a few seconds considering the sensor commissioning, firewall setup and access to the site are done.

Yes. Miros offers data push services from the Cloud both in real-time or on a schedule ensuring a seamless transition. See Data Connector.

Simply access the at any time, on any device, if it has an Internet connection – and providing that you have the necessary credentials.

Miros customers own their historical data and as such, customers decide how to use this data and what happens to it. The specifics of this are covered in more detail in the associated terms and conditions.

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