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Reduce risks and
maximize performance

Miros’ radar technology facilitates remote monitoring and diagnostics of offshore wind assets. Through real-time data transmission and advanced analytics, operators can remotely assess the performance and health of equipment, identify potential faults or inefficiencies, and take proactive measures. This reduces the need for physical inspections, minimizes operational disruptions, and optimizes resource allocation.

Miros collects all measurements directly into the Cloud, which provides all project stakeholders with easy and secure access to accurate and reliable data, anytime, anywhere and on any device, via an as a service solution.

Live ocean conditions as a service to improve operational efficiency

Miros’ sensor technology and analytics enable condition monitoring of offshore wind assets. Collecting real-time sea state data and other relevant weather parameters facilitates proactive maintenance planning, reduces the risk of equipment failures, and extends the lifespan of critical components.

Real-time knowledge of ocean conditions empowers operators to make informed decisions, enhance safety and improve operational efficiency to both fixed and floating offshore wind farms.

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Benefits for
offshore wind

Our offshore wind solutions enhance safety, improve operational efficiency and optimize costs. They can be integrated into existing systems and scaled according to needs, and our colleagues are available 24/7 to provide expert support.

We provide remote monitoring and diagnostics, helping our clients improve their condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

We understand that accurate data is critical for safe and efficient operations and have spent decades delivering it to our customers around the world.

Most popular products among our customers: 

WaveFusion, Miros Cloud 

Many customers also use: 

RangeFinder, Wavex, Data Connector, Data Explorer, Forecast

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We connected the Miros RangeFinder an the data began to feed through right away.
Rob Osborne
Support ad Innovation Engineer, Bibby Marine Services

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