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Miros doubles as-a-service contracts for offshore operations in 2023

Miros, leading experts for real-time IoT wave and current monitoring solutions, is pleased to report further expansion of its Sea-State-as-a-Service offering.

Miros WaveSystem

During 2023 the company doubled the number of as-a-service (aaS) contracts, which cover a diverse range of requirements across the offshore vessel market, thanks to strong growth in the UK, Norway, and Brazil. Beyond those regions, in the second half of the year, new agreements were signed covering projects in Guyana, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Middle East.

Increasingly many of the world’s largest offshore operators and regulators recognize Miros WaveSystem, which provides real-time measurements of the local sea state, as a viable and cost-effective solution for optimizing cable and pipe lay, offshore installations, heavy lift, IRM, and drilling activities.

Real-time sea state data strengthens decision-making

Real-time sea state data strengthens the overall decision-making system and provides invaluable insights, allowing conditions to be assessed, analyzed, and documented to ensure they are also in line with contractual or technical limitations. WaveSystem is increasingly utilized as a data feed to important onboard systems, like Dynamic Positioning Capability, packaged within survey data requirements, or as part of riser stress analysis and or asset life/asset integrity management.

Miros, via its cutting-edge IoT-enabled platform transforms how oceanic data is gathered, processed, and utilized. Developed by industry leaders, WaveSystem seamlessly integrates directional sea state measurements from Miros Wavex® and motion-compensated wave measurements, along with draught data from DNV alpha-factor certified Miros RangeFinder, to deliver unparalleled precision and insight into oceanic conditions.

Tailor real-time data to specific requirements of operators

One of the key features is the ability to tailor real-time data to the specific requirements of operators, empowering them with a deeper understanding of their environment and optimal weather windows. This invaluable insight enables greater situational awareness, allowing operators to safely navigate challenges with confidence and precision.

Moreover, Miros’ solutions have set a new standard for user-friendliness and flexibility with its innovative as-a-service subscription model. Offering a scalable and adaptable tool, designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, makes it incredibly easy to implement and manage.

Commitment to precision, reliability, and robustness

Andrew Wallace, Miros’ VP Offshore Solutions, said: “At Miros we are passionate about making waves in the maritime and energy sectors with our innovative solutions. Our commitment to precision, reliability, and robustness sets us apart, and we’re thrilled to share how our application development, combined with our unique as-a-service subscription model, is driving significant operational improvements for our clients”.

“We recognize that our success is intertwined with the broader goals of the maritime and energy industries; that is why our systems are designed to support wider industry objectives and contribute to a more sustainable market for all. We are excited to see the impact that our high-quality offerings and supporting applications will have as we continue the journey towards a more sustainable future hand in hand with our customers.”