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Cybersecurity Offshore - Ensuring Data Integrity and Security in Operations

In the offshore sector, advancements in sensor technology and monitoring software now provide real-time ocean insights, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. However, securing this data is crucial as digitalization and cloud-based systems become prevalent.

Sea Technology Miros Cybersecurity

Here is a summary of our “Cybersecurity Offshore” article published in Sea Technology Magazine.

Read the full article in Sea Technology Magazine, page 15.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

Miros’ global collaborations show that cybersecurity is a top priority. We use robust Microsoft authentication systems and banking-level security measures to ensure data accessibility and security.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Security

Miros partners with Microsoft Azure to leverage their cybersecurity expertise. This partnership not only saves costs and reduces environmental impact but also enhances security by processing data within the sensor, securing information before transmission.

Comprehensive Security Measures

Effective cybersecurity involves stringent processes and employee training. We emphasize user access control to ensure that only authorized individuals can access critical data. This holistic approach includes collaboration with partners, customers, and regulatory bodies.

The Risks of Inadequate Cybersecurity

Offshore businesses must address the risks of cyberattacks, which can jeopardize crew safety, environmental integrity, and operational efficiency. Some asset owners prefer local data retention to enhance cybersecurity control, despite integration challenges.

Regulatory Compliance and Future Standards

The offshore industry is increasingly regulated, with standards like ISO 27001 and IEC 62443 ensuring cybersecurity. Further regulations are anticipated, particularly in Europe, to address emerging threats comprehensively.

Case Study: Petrobras and Brazilian Regulations

Brazil’s proactive regulatory measures include IBAMA’s rules to prevent tampering with oil spill detection data. Miros’ contract with Petrobras involves implementing tamper-proof cloud-based monitoring software, ensuring secure, real-time data sharing among stakeholders.


Cybersecurity and data integrity are intertwined, especially as the offshore sector becomes more interconnected. At Miros we ensure robust cybersecurity and streamlined operations, leading to enhanced efficiency, safety, and worker well-being. Therefore, investing in stringent cybersecurity measures is essential for the industry’s sustainable future.

Read the full article in Sea Technology Magazine, page 15.