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Demobilization Procedure

  1. Preparation for Demobilization
  • Notify Stakeholders: Inform all relevant parties about the upcoming demobilization.
  • Schedule a Date: Arrange a convenient date and time for the demobilization to minimize disruption.
  • Gather Tools and Equipment: Ensure all necessary tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, protective gear) and packaging materials are on hand.
  1. Uninstalling the Hardware
  • Power Down: Turn off the power supply to the hardware and disconnect it from the vessel’s power source.
  • Disconnect Cables: Carefully disconnect all cables and connectors, labeling each one for easy reinstallation if necessary.
  • Remove Mounting Hardware: Unscrew and safely remove all mounting hardware securing the hardware. Keep all screws, bolts, and brackets for return.
  • Inspect for Damage: Check the hardware and its components for any visible damage. Document and photograph any issues found.
  1. Packaging for Return Shipment
  • Clean the Equipment: Gently clean the hardware and its components to remove any debris.
  • Secure Fragile Parts: Protect sensitive components with bubble wrap or foam padding.
  • Use Original Packaging: If available, use the original packaging materials. Otherwise, use sturdy boxes with ample cushioning.
  • Label the Package: Clearly label the package with:
  • Return address
  • “Fragile” and “Handle with Care” notices
  • RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number
  1. Arranging Shipment
  • Choose a Reliable Courier: Select a trusted shipping service that offers tracking and insurance.
  • Complete Shipping Documentation: Fill out all necessary shipping forms and include a copy inside the package.
  • Send Tracking Information: Provide the tracking number to us for monitoring the shipment’s progress.
  • Return address and contact information:

Flåtnes Elektro-Mek AS
Borgeskogen 25
3160 Stokke

Marius Hegg
+47 47935767

  1. Inbound Check and Verification by Miros
  • Upon receiving the returned hardware, we will conduct a comprehensive inbound check in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. This process ensures that all components are present and functioning correctly.
  • Functionality Testing: We will perform a series of tests to verify the equipment’s functionality.
  • Condition Assessment: Any damage or missing parts will be documented.

Important Notice:

If the equipment or its components are found to be damaged or missing, additional charges may apply as per our Terms and Conditions. We will inform you of any such issues immediately.