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Miros secures a solid increase of new ‘as a service’ contracts for WaveSystem

Miros, the Ocean Insights experts, continues to successfully grow its sea state as a service offering after securing numerous contracts with new clients during the first half of this year. The new as a service (aaS) contracts span the global offshore vessel market, with particular emphasis on the key markets of UKCS, Norway and Brazil.

The projects will see the Miros WaveSystem deployed across vessels, providing real-time sea state data, helping to monitor vessel stability during heading sensitive operations for increased operational safety and facilitating operability improvements. WaveSystem will support offshore work, including cable and pipe lay, offshore installations, new floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) projects and drillship activities during well decommissioning.

The IoT-enabled WaveSystem combines the directional sea state measurements from Miros Wavex® and motion-compensated wave measurements as well as draught data from Miros RangeFinder. WaveSystem consistently provides precise ocean insights exactly when and where operators require them, ensuring all stakeholders involved benefit from heightened operational awareness.

The real-time data that has been gathered and tailored to the requirements of the operator by WaveSystem allows for enhanced decision-making through an understanding of the environment and weather windows. The flexible and scalable approach makes this aaS solution incredibly user-friendly, easy to handle and integrate with other systems.

With an aaS subscription, equipment remains Miros-owned, meaning that the client does not need to take on the risk of owning, operating, and maintaining the kit throughout the duration of the project. Hence the focus stays solely on the operational benefits rather than the hardware.

Andrew Wallace, Miros’ VP Offshore Solutions, said: “We are very proud of all the new contract wins in the first half of the year. It’s great to see our ever-evolving technology gaining momentum across such a wide range of offshore vessel operations and this clearly demonstrates the requirement for reliable and robust ocean insights”.

“With the precision, reliability, and robustness of Miros’ sea condition measurements, complemented by our convenient as a service subscription model, clients experience remarkable enhancements in their operations. This, in turn, results in reduced energy consumption and improved efficiencies, contributing to the achievement of broader industry objectives. This aspect holds immense significance for stakeholders in both the maritime and energy sectors. We eagerly anticipate witnessing the profound impact of our high-quality solutions and supporting applications as they pave the way toward a sustainable market.”

These new WaveSystem projects are followed by the extension of several existing aaS contracts with vessel operators offshore Norway, UK and the Gulf of Mexico for Miros Cloud, Data Connector, RangeFinder and Wavex® to reliably support and optimize maritime operations with relevant ocean insights.