Miros’ portfolio of sensors provides accurate, real-time data for weather sensitive operations offshore, as well as offering input to asset integrity systems and coastal monitoring. As well as our range of IoT-enabled sensors, we also offer subscriptions to the Miros Cloud or to Miros Sea State as a service. 

Wave & Current Radar
Wavex Virtual Sensor
Speed Through Water
Miros Cloud
Oil Spill Detection
The Miros Wave & Current Radar is a high-performance, remote, dry sensor for the measurement of directional wave spectra and surface currents. Our Wave & Current Radar is based on proven technology which has been successfully providing ocean insights to the maritime market for over 35 years.
The Miros RangeFinder is the ultimate stand-alone sensor for airgap, tide, water level, draught and wave measurements. Rangefinder is a dry, radar-based sensor, measuring with millimetre accuracy (+/- 1mm) in all weather conditions.
The Miros WaveFinder is the ultimate stand-alone sensor for motion-compensated airgap, tide, water level, draught and wave measurements. WaveFinder is a dry, radar-based sensor, measuring with millimetre accuracy (+/- 1mm) in all weather conditions. The sensor is specifically designed to be mounted on floating assets and is the only DNV GL-certified product on the market for alpha-factor related wave monitoring.
Wavex® is a virtual sensor designed for wave and current measurements using data from standard marine X-band radars. The sensor is operative at all ship speeds as well as from fixed locations. Additionally, Speed Through Water by Wavex accurately provides a vessel’s STW without the use of any submerged equipment.
Miros Speed Through Water is a breakthrough for fuel optimisation in the shipping industry, delivering reliable, real-time data with greater accuracy than traditional instrumentation without the need for any equipment immersed in water.
Miros WaveWeather delivers accurate, real-time measurements of local sea state and weather conditions to any user, on any device. High-quality data regarding local environmental conditions is fundamental for successful planning, decision-making, and execution of activities. WaveWeather provides this critical insight for all relevant stakeholders, on- or offshore.
Miros sensors are Cloud-integrated. This functionality is based on Microsoft technologies, allowing for easy and secure access to real-time sea state data. Miros Cloud delivers reliable data to all stakeholders, on- or offshore, and on any device.
With more than 200 Miros OSD™ systems delivered to oil companies, ship owners and coastal agencies around the world, Miros has established itself as a global leader in the provision of tools supporting oil spill response and surveillance operations. In fact, in February 2018, Brazil’s Petrobras engaged Miros in the world’s largest X-band radar-based OSD surveillance and response contract to date.

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