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Case Study: Bibby Marine Services Leverages Miros Technology to Run Safe, Efficient, Data-Driven Operations at Sea

Discover how Bibby Marine Services leverages Miros technology to run safe, efficient, data-driven operations at sea.

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Bibby WaveMaster 1 is a walk-to-work vessel, uniquely designed with crew safety and comfort in mind. From construction and cabling support to operation and maintenance activities, Bibby WaveMaster 1 is a versatile Service Operation Vessel (SOV) used for a wide range of missions.

Bibby WaveMaster 1 makes use of a motion-compensated gangway to transfer crew to and from assets. The vessel is equipped with a data management system – The Argus, from BMO Offshore – which collates various inputs from the vessel including GPS, AIS, gangway activity, motion limits, and more, giving a bigger picture of operations and the associated risks in real-time.

The Challenge

When using the gangway from Bibby WaveMaster 1 and making connections to an asset, a significant wave height limit is enforced, usually by the charterer. Ensuring that personnel transfer safely and efficiently is paramount.

Traditional approaches involving the visual assessment of wave conditions can prove inaccurate.

“We have carried out comparative studies and found poor correlation between the visually reported wave height and that measured by reference equipment,” explains Gijs Hulscher, Managing Director of BMO Offshore.

Bibby Marine Services were keen to drive operational performance by working closer to their limits, whilst simultaneously securing the safety of the crew.

The Solution

The Miros RangeFinder delivers accurate, reliable, real-time wave data to all relevant stakeholders. For Bibby Marine Services, RangeFinder feeds into BMO’s data management system, facilitating the monitoring of operational limits. In this way, RangeFinder not only impacts real-time operations, but with detailed project reports delivered to the Cloud, stakeholders based onshore also gain full access to the relevant information. Bibby found the system easy to install and was able to start gathering data immediately.

“We connected the Miros RangeFinder and the data began to feed through right away,” said Rob Osborne, Support & Innovation Engineer at Bibby Marine Services.

In addition, the ability to analyse historical operational data provides the potential for technical and operational improvements in subsequent missions.

“As technology progresses, it provides a new tool to seamanship. It facilitates improvements upon what sea professionals already do,” added Gijs Hulscher, Managing Director of BMO Offshore.


Bibby Marine Services take an innovative, future-facing approach to their vessel design and operations, as well as to crew safety and comfort onboard. With an emphasis on vessel connectivity and ambitions to expand their fleet, cloud-integrated solutions that provide real-time and historical data are critical for ensuring operational security and informed decision-making. Miros helped Bibby Marine Services achieve their goals with the dry-mounted, radar-based RangeFinder sensor.

“We are creating a transparent culture around what our vessels can achieve. This enables us to answer questions about our operational limits and abilities, replacing assumptions and guesswork with data and facts,” added  Rob Osborne, Support & Innovation Engineer, Bibby Marine Services.

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