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Case Study: Petrobras Engages Miros in World’s Largest X-Band Radar-Based Oil Spill Detection and Response Contract

In February 2018, Petrobras engaged Miros and Ulstein Belga Marine in the world’s largest X-band radar-based OSD surveillance and response contract to date.

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Petrobras is one of the largest oil companies in the world. The Brazilian corporation has been active in oil exploration and production, both domestically and internationally, since its inception in 1953. Miros has provided Petrobras with wave monitoring equipment – including Wave & Current Radars and RangeFinders – for use on a wide range of assets for over 20 years.

The Challenge

In February of 2018, IBAMA, Brazil’s environmental agency, reached an agreement with Petrobras compelling the company to expand its oil spill detection (OSD) and response capabilities in the Campos Basin. Rather than relying exclusively on support vessels in the event of a spill, Petrobras would instead proactively monitor the environment surrounding their Mobile Offshore Production Units (MOPUs) in the area.

The Solution

Following the agreement with IBAMA, Petrobras sought an optimal solution for detection and recovery of possible oil spills. After a tendering process the company reached an agreement with Ulstein Belga Marine for the supply of eight Miros Oil Spill Detection (OSD) systems. With over 200 systems deployed worldwide, Miros is a world leader in the provision of sensors and systems for oil spill surveillance and recovery.

Miros OSD provides continuous day and night automatic oil spill detection using a combination of X-band radar, thermal imaging, AIS vessel tracking, and gyro-stabilised daylight and infrared cameras. Miros OSD has been verified in oil-on-water exercises since 2004 and has successfully guided spill response operations in actual oil spill incidents. Miros OSD combines high-accuracy early detection with a low false alarm rate, optimising response efforts whilst minimising manual interaction.


With the world’s largest X-band radar-based OSD surveillance and response contract to date, Petrobras’ preparedness is assured.

“Requirements to reduce the environmental impact from offshore activities are tightening everywhere,” says Miros CEO, Andreas Brekke. “Miros OSD can help give authorities and operators the confidence that they are applying the best available technology to detect, control and recover oil spills.”

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