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Miros’ RangeFinder supports safe operations at two ports in Vietnam

Environmental monitoring systems provider to deliver increased safety and efficiency through its RangeFinder technology.

Miros RangeFinder supports safe operations at two ports in Vietnam

Miros RangeFinder and RangeFinder EX sensors for wave monitoring at ports.
Image: Hoa Phat Dung Quat Intl. Port

Miros, in association with Reecotech, its partner in Vietnam, has been awarded two separate contracts to support major industrial projects with its RangeFinder solution.

The Miros RangeFinder is a dry, radar-based sensor measuring airgap, tide, water level, draught, and waves, offering millimetre accuracy in all weather conditions. The sensor, which was chosen for its ability to reliably deliver high data quality, will be implemented as part of tailored automated weather and sea monitoring systems.

The first contract with Long Son Petrochemical Complex Project (LSPCL) involves the construction of a large greenfield petrochemical complex on Long Son Island in Vietnam. The $5.4 billion project involves a power plant as well as supporting infrastructure. As it requires intensive ocean data monitoring during the operational phase, Reecotech will supply an automated ocean and meteorological monitoring system integrating the Miros RangeFinder Ex.

The enhanced system, which is suitable for use in hazardous, potentially explosive areas, can supply highly accurate and reliable weather and ocean data whilst complying with national safety requirements. RangeFinder Ex is certified to Atex IECEx standards for areas where an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air or flammable substances is likely to occur in normal operation.

The second contract will see Miros supporting Hoa Phat Group, a leading steelmaker in Vietnam, which is developing a new integrated steel and iron production complex in the central province of Quang Ngai. The project, valued at more than $2 billion, includes a deep-water port system which will allow heavy ships of up to 200,000 tons to dock as they are transporting raw materials and finished steel products globally.

Miros RangeFinder was chosen to support port safety and efficiency by providing real-time measurements with millimetre accuracy of airgap, water level, tide, and non-directional wave parameters, including the measurement of wave periods longer than 120 seconds.

Emilie Dorgeville, VP Business Development, Ports & Renewables, commented: “We are perfectly placed to support these two major projects in Vietnam. As RangeFinder allows for internal depth-to-water sampling at up to 200Hz and results output at up to 50Hz, the high data rate provided is extremely helpful in avoiding any observation errors.

“Since our RangeFinder Ex is fully certified for use in Zone 1, it is the ultimate sensor to deliver accurate, real-time measurements of water level, tide, and air gap measurements in hazardous areas. The RangeFinder and RangeFinder Ex deliver a reliable extra layer of safety providing wave data with incredible accuracy for improved port efficiency.”

Hai Minh Tran, Managing Director of Reecotech, added: “We are delighted with the quality of real-time data that RangeFinder can provide our clients. The system is cloud-integrated, robust, and reliable, allowing port authorities and investors to accurately assess and take the necessary actions to minimise risks associated with project implementation and port operations.

“We trust RangeFinder as it has proven its ruggedness and reliability through decades of service in extreme weather conditions all over the world.”

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